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We more than understand the unique struggles every small business owner has every single day.  We have lived through them too.  Entrepreneurship and business ownership hasn’t just been something that we fell into, it has been a way of life since the moment we married.  So trust us when we say we get it.

After almost 20 years of being in business, we have faced the struggles that come from owning your own business – from customer service to learning to pivot our company’s direction when it was clear that the path we were on would not take us to where we wanted to go.  We understand the unique challenges that working together as a married couple, balancing work, running multiple companies and raising kids presents.  We know that every decision you make, usually means some kind of sacrifice.  Finding time to discuss and solve HR challenges has sometimes meant the kids get to watch an extra TV show or maybe date night actually involves driving to the city to buy supplies for the next construction job.  And sometimes, ok lets be honest – lots of the time, sleepless nights is the price to pay for trying to do it all and be everything for everyone that needs you.

We never started our own business to be a slave to it. We started it to provide for the life we wanted and dreamed of, to provide freedom and control over our own lives instead of being at the whims of someone else’s dreams!  But growth and goals have a way of dictating our priorities and before we know it, BAM, we are the overworked, overtired, and overwhelmed business owner that is trying to do it all.

And that is why we say we get it.

No one else can run your business, be the boss, market your business, create quotes and invoices quite like you. Just like no one can care for your loved ones, be the spouse, the parent, the friend that they need quite like you.  And so because no one can do it all for you, you are left feeling like you need to be the one to do it all, struggling to be the super-human everyone else thinks you to be.

We felt this to our very core, and that is why we started BizBuddies. To help you as a small business owner, to find a balance between the demands and goals that come with the business owning hat while also allowing you to find time to sit back and take a breather from all the hard work you do to provide for those around you.  We are here for you and understand the challenges you are facing and we look forward to helping you grow and run your business to help you achieve everything you have always dreamt!

-Casey & Melissa


Keeping your bookwork up to date and organized is our specialty.

Brand Identity

Helping you define who you are and how to sell yourself.

Customer Service

Customer Relations done with a smile.

Business Development

Dreaming, Planning and Developing your business with you.

One-on-One Consulting

Helping you grow as a Leader and
as a Company.

Social Media

Designing, Planning and Executing your social media dreams.

Biz Buddies consists of an amazing team of experts who are dedicated to furthering your business development while fostering your potential in reaching your goals and dreams.

Fearless Leaders

Take control of your day-to-day operations while we take care of your business needs. Be our partner now, and work with confidence.

We will support you, your team and your customers with integrity and quality.



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